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Give the gift of art to that someone special this Valentine's Day.  Stop by the MLOTA office (during business hours), to purchase a gift card.  Choose from a membership to our league or any of these classes we have scheduled for February, or choose all four.  


You're not only giving a membership or a class, but giving someone the chance to try a new skill, learn a new talent, establish a hobby and those will last forever.


You'll also be supporting a non-profit organization in the heart of east Texas that brings art and community together.

Mineola League of the Arts

Colored Pencil Art with     Kaye Jackson

The use of colored pencil as an art form that has been argued many times as to whether the medium should be considered painting or drawing.

According to The Merriam Webster Dictionary, the definition of paint is to apply color, pigment, or paint to…to produce in lines and colors on a surface by applying pigments.

The way the dictionary defines draw is to produce a likeness or representation of by making lines on a surface .


Join Kaye Jackson and other art enthusiasts in this 4-week class.

In the Kitchen

From fermentation to desserts to gluten-free baking, Mineola League of the Arts is proud to introduce this culinary arts series.  

Join Melodee Eishen as she shares her knowledge, experience and methods in the kitchen.

Fermentation showcases a healthy preservation method of veggies, fruits, kefir and more.

February, the season of love, Melodee will share 'Breads 'N Spreads'.

In March, once again Melodee will show us how to bake several desserts, including Baklava and Panna Cotta.  

To wrap up our culinary arts series, Gluten-Free baking is on the menu.  Don't miss the chance to learn this fantastic skill.




Beginning Knitting & More

The exact origins of knitting are unknown, the earliest known examples being cotton socks found in Egyptian pyramids.  This is not a history course for knitting, but knitting goes that far back.  It's obviously a tried and true skill.

You do NOT have to read those "how to" books, let our very own Vera Fingerle teach you the basics of knitting.  

The first course in this Knitting 101 series is beginning knitting; Learn how to read a pattern, basic stitches and how to use double pointed needles.  In four weeks, you can learn all you need to and then move onto our "advanced" or "more beginning knitting."

In course two, you will learn all about open and closed cable stitches, popcorn stitch and so much more.

Supplies Needed.


Laurie Aurand will be teaching a watercolor doodle flower class in February.  This is a one day class that you don't want to miss.  

Beginning Watercolor

This is for all you beginners out there. Try something new, bring a friend or two, create something awesome. 


Watercolor is the next thing on your "things to try" list and this is the time to check it off.  


Join Mollie Jones in this four week class at Mineola League of the Arts. 


Saturday Quilting

This is for all you quilters out there.  If your schedule doesn't allow you to come by here during the week, here's your chance to learn two amazing quilting techniques.


Our very own quilt guild coordinator, Lynn, will be teaching these two quilting skills.


Sign up now and don't forget to download the supply lists.

INTRO Tri-Loom Weaving

Once in a while an opportunity arises to learn a new skill.  We had several members take this class last year and what they got was nothing short of beautiful.

Don't miss your chance to create your very own something special.

EVENING Paint Along

Art Description:

Winter landscape acrylic painting in an impressionistic form on an 11”x14” stretched canvas.


MLOTA will finally have an evening paint along.  Join Deborah and many beginner painters on the evening of February 24, 2022.  

Learn a skill, create a masterpiece, have a blast doing it. 


Space is limited, don't waste another minute not signing up for this event. 

Mark Your Calendars

Indoor Garage Sale | February 25-26, 2022

The events for MLOTA are partially supported by TCA and NEA.

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